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How to Use Evernote for Genealogy by Kerry ScottI have been trying to understand the difference between Dropbox and Evernote for awhile now. I finally figured out the bare bones basics. You can upload your files, photos, etc. into Dropbox, but you can’t change or update a record while it’s in there. To update a booklist or class handout, you’d have to download it back into your original program, fix it, then upload it back into Dropbox. In Evernote you can make notes directly into the program, but Evernote has it’s own program for doing this, which sounded pretty restrictive. And to make matters more complicated, I wanted to use the software specifically for genealogy.

I’m no different than anyone else when we get inundated with all this new technology.  Evernote and Dropbox originally sounded interesting, so I signed up for the free versions of both. After a brief flurry of activity they just sat there unused. Exploring Google for enlightenment was pretty hit or miss. Mostly miss. I always got stuck when trying to follow instructions that I found there. Either a step or a critical screenshot always seemed to be left out. (I need screenshots.) So I went back to working with what I already knew…

…Until I discovered that Kerry Scott had written a book about using Evernote. I was already familiar with her writing style from her blog Clue Wagon. I enjoy reading her postings. She has a good sense of humor and explains things well. Usually I look at book reviews before I either buy a book or request that the library purchase it. With Kerry I took a leap of faith and just bought the book myself.

From hard copy to Evernote?

From hard copy to Evernote?

I need to learn things consecutively. When it comes to computer software, jumping into the deep end of the pool doesn’t work for me. I drown. I’ve read through several chapters and this book is perfect. Kerry takes you by the hand (or laptop or iPad or smartphone) and walks you through Evernote one step at a time. I’ve also learned that there is a lot more to Evernote than I thought. So I’m giving it a shot.

Right now I’m working on syncing for the first time, making sure I can get my PCs and iPad to share my Evernote information. I’ve downloaded the program on the two PCs that I use. Then I tried getting the app for my iPad.  And I hit my first glitch. I haven’t used my iPad for awhile. I have to upgrade, update, and agree to new terms of service before I can claim my app. Nothing to do with Evernote. This is going to take a little more time than I thought. (How often have we said that to ourselves while working out the glitches in this brave new computer world of constant change.) Besides getting my mitts on all of the neat stuff that Evernote can do, I am also very interested in seeing for myself that PCs talk to Apple devices and vice versa. So the journey continues.

Quick tips: Even if you are not interested in Evernote, you might want to take a look at the Clue Wagon blog: http://www.cluewagon.com. I highly recommend the post “BREAKING: Clue Wagon is Now a Dating Sight.” It is very funny.

If you are interested in Evernote, you might like to know that Thomas MacEntee started a Facebook site in 2014 for genealogists who use Evernote. I found it and joined several days ago at https://www.facebook.com/groups/evernotegenealogists

Facebook and Twitter are great for following groups like this.  Back in the days (post Civil War) when I was in library school, I had a professor who said that if “it” exists, no matter what “it” is, there is an association for it somewhere. The same can now be said for social media. If you are curious about something, go hunting for a group of like minded people on Facebook and/or Twitter. The great thing about genealogists is that we get to find a whole lot of great people.  Enjoy.

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