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When I was looking at an email I received from Family Tree Magazine Gen last night, I discovered that Ancestry was discontinuing five services that they have previously offered. Below I list the five services. Each has a link provided by Ancestry where a company representative answers addition questions about each service — as FAQs and within the Comments section.





Mundia – English

Note that if you have data or content that you have added to any of these sites, you have until 5 SEPTEMBER  2014 to download, print, or otherwise save it.  After that date, it is gone.  Genealogy.com is the only one that they are saving.  Message boards and Family Tree Maker home pages will be available in read only format.  (In other words, you can’t change anything.) This allows Ancestry to keep that URL.  Who in their right mind would make a web address  like Genealogy.com available to the competition.

I have a couple of questions myself:
Have people who subscribed to these services received personal notification of the cancellations?

Ancestry’s title to this notice on their blog is “Ancestry.com Focuses on Core Offerings.”  What exactly do they consider the core offerings they are referring to?  Several people in the comments section of this piece asked that question and to this point in time it has not been answered.

This underlines some of the points I made earlier this month in my post on “Buyer Beware.”  Please, always, always backup your work, all your work.  Do not store everything you do in only one place. This includes  an online service or otherwise “in the cloud.” Make sure you have backup in your computer and on a usb drive or other peripheral.  Then if the service you are using is “discontinued,” you will still have access to your work.

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