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1891 Newton City Directory with Container Plus Separate MapThe picture to the left shows the easy way of accessing city directories.  You request the book. It gets delivered to you. You look up what you need.  When you go online, it can be a whole different story.  I had a patron last month who asked me to show him how to actually search and print out information from our online city directories.  It was not easy.

As regular readers of this blog know, I do not remember how to do anything technological if I haven’t used a particular process for several months (or a shorter time if it’s complicated). Nobody has the time to keep reinventing the wheel.  So early on I devised a system where I took screenshots of what I was doing and added instructions.  (A good filing system helps here, whether hard copy or online.) So this is what I did to remind myself how to work with the city directories.  If I need it, I figure some of you could use the help, too.

Below I give two links.  The first is a link to the Newton City Directories that are online.  The second is to my instructions for dealing with digitized city directories.  Be patient. I may take a couple of minutes to come up.  It is a pdf, so you should be able to print it out if you like to work from hard copy.

Click here for the digitized Newton City Directories.

Click here for Searching and Printing Historic City Directories Using the City of Newton Website.

If the above instructions do not work for the digitized city directories of other cities or towns, let me know, along with a link to those city directories.

vea/25 November 2014
Newton Free Library
Newton, Mass
Library website:  http://www.newtonfreelibrary.net
Genealogy blog:  https://thecuriousgenealogist.wordpress.com
Genealogy LibGuide:  http://guides.newtonfreelibrary.net/genealogy


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City directories have long been a staple of genealogical research. You can find people through a directory’s alphabetical listing of residents and neighbors through the street listings. Until recently, to see the directories for the City of Newton required a trip to the Special Collections Room at the Newton Free Library or a search of the more limited  online selections at sites such as Ancestry.com.  Now the City of Newton has made its directories for the years from 1868 to 1934 directly available through Digital Newton.  Click on the live link below. http://www.newtonma.gov/gov/clerk/archives/geneological_research/city_directories.asp Additional years will be added as they become available.  You will also find Newton’s Assessed Polls (a directory of potential voters) and Newton’s Blue Book (not as extensive as the directories) on this same page.

Above you will see a photograph of the 1890 Newton City Directory.  I photographed this particular directory to make a point about another use of city directories.  The United States Census is taken only every ten years. City directories are often published every other year. They help fill in the gaps between censuses. The 1890s in particular are critical years for the influx of immigrants to America.  Unfortunately almost all of the 1890 census was destroyed by fire. If you know a likely area of settlement for your  immigrant ancestors during this period,  city directories will be a key source for some of the information you are seeking.  If they settled in Newton, you can now find them online.

The Newton City Directories are keyword searchable, but only by using an  Adobe Acrobat search. You can also look through the directory pages much like a regular book.  You can search one page after another or you can jump around using the pdf  format to  go to a specific page.

Look for  a table of contents at the front of a directory. Use it to see how the directory is set up. Just as you would with any other printed genealogical resource, make sure you read the introduction.  You also need to find the key to abbreviations used in the book to understand everything it is telling you. The directories include other articles and listings that will  give you a deeper sense of the life of the city during the period you are researching. Look for those in the table of contents as well.

For additional information on using city directories you should check out City Directories: Who Lived Where and When?   I also recommend other articles on various topics you will find at the authors’  Genwriters site under the GenGuides listing.  They are very informative reads.

Good luck on your research.

vea/26 July 2011/updated 19 March 2012/updated 7 July 2017
Newton Free Library
Newton, Mass
Library website:  http://www.newtonfreelibrary.net
Genealogy blog:  https://thecuriousgenealogist.wordpress.com

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