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What are immigrant banks?

I just found out from Marshall Cohen, one of our genealogy club members, just how important immigrant banks can be in your research.  He is letting me share his advice with everyone through The Curious Genealogist.   His two short paragraphs could give you enough information to break down one of your own brick walls.  As you are reading, don’t skip over the last sentence. It is important. It shows that you never know where a connection is going to be made.

Marshall wrote:

I have been using a wonderful resource: The Philadelphia Immigrant Bank. There is an index of this source on Ancestry, but the raw data is held by Temple University. The trick to using it is to find the record via Ancestry and then go to the raw data and find the specific source, reference in hand.

Immigrant Banks were interesting hybrid institutions in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Immigrants would save their money in dribs and drabs in one of these institutions. Then, when they had accumulated enough for a steamship ticket for a relative’s passage, they would purchase it and send it to someone in Europe. Several of my relatives came through Philadelphia, and the bank records show who has paid how much for the ticket and the address of the payer. All of this has revealed a Philadelphia-Louisville pipeline that originated in Vohlnia Gubernia in the Russian Empire. I’ve been conversing with a woman online who has an Ancestry tree for a particular schtetel. She has documented the connections between families and traced where these people went once they emigrated. This is similar to what I was talking about with my relations from Sudilkov-Shepetovka. Strangely enough some of the people from the woman’s village intermarried with people from my relatives’ villages.

Marshall Cohen

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Newton Free Library November 2010

On Tuesday, December 14, from 7:00 t0 9:00 p.m.,  the Newton Free Library is hosting a viewing of the program “Who Do You Think You Are” featuring Zoe Wanamaker. It will be presented in the Druker Auditorium (first doors on your left as you come into the library  from the parking lot.) Following the showing, there will be  a  question and answer session on researching family history led by Carol Clingan,  Vice President of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston.

This episode of “Who Do You Think You Are” is from the original British  version, not the recently aired American series. The program shows how Zoe Wanamaker,  a British-American actress, researches her father’s past in America and his reasons for emigrating to Great Britain.  She then tracks her grandfather, Maurice,  a Russian Jew who settled in Chicago.  Ultimately she is able to follow her family name back to the Ukraine.   Whether you are already well into your family history research or just starting to trace  your family tree, you should find both the film and the question and answer session that follows informative and useful. 

On Tuesday, January 11th, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in Druker Auditorium, there will be an additional program, an Introduction to Jewish Genealogy.  Cary Aufseeser, a member of the Board of the Jewish Genealogical Society, will be the presenter. He  began his own genealogical research in 2002 and has been able to trace some of his family lines back to the Middle Ages. 

All are welcome.  No reservations are needed. If you are (or want to become) involved in your own family search, you should take advantage of the opportunity offered by these two programs. You do not have to have Jewish ancestors to find the information given here extremely relevant to your own journey of discovery.

vea/9 December 2010
Newton Free Library
Newton, Mass.

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