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How can I track down records?

How can I track down records?

I became aware of LDSGenealogy through a Dick Eastman post sent to me by a genealogy buddy.  Being a skeptical New Englander to begin with, I was suspicious when I saw the name.  I know that FamilySearch.org is the official LDS family history site.  What exactly was going on with this site? Luckily my skepticism was unwarranted. The site is completely legit. The people in charge of the site explain who they are and what they are doing in their “About” section. In it they state “As members of the LDS Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), we originally designed the site to be helpful for LDS church members doing genealogy research. We have since expanded the site to include a lot of helpful information for everyone. We welcome any and all visitors who might find this site helpful.”

And helpful it is.  It is a directory of records useful to genealogists that can be found online. When you go into it, you will see a list of states, counties, and towns and cities.  You won’t waste a lot of time looking through individual subscription and free services to locate a needed record. Under each location listed there are groupings of records and where you can find them online.  If they are not online, of course, you will need to continue hunting.

There is another very good reason to take a look at the site — the articles.  They are excellent.  I’ve been doing family history research for awhile now, but each time I go into an article I learn something or sometimes remember a tip or caution that I had forgotten over the years.  Take a look at this site.  It will be well worth your time.  The home page is logically laid out, simple and straightforward.

LDS Genealogy: http://ldsgenealogy.com


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